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5 Key Benefits of Contact Center for Insurance Company

A whopping 78% of insurance customers call the business after running a search, reports the Local Search Association. From acquiring new customers to winning their trust, a contact center for insurance company proves to be beneficial for insurers at all stages. Therefore, providing stellar and exceptional contact center experience is imperative for insurance businesses to gain a competitive edge in the market. If you’re wondering how a call or contact center can benefit your insurance business, we’ve got you covered. Read this blog further to learn!

Importance of Contact Center for Insurance Company

When it comes to businesses like insurance, the call center is typically the first point of contact between customers and the company. So when it comes to the decision-making of the customers, it can make a huge difference. Nevertheless, with rapid technological advancements in today’s “touchless” digital world, consumer behavior and expectations are changing at a faster pace.

According to Zendesk, nearly 3 out of 5 consumers report that good customer service is paramount for them to feel loyalty toward a business or a brand. This is why it’s crucial for insurance businesses to improve customer service and provide customers with an exceptional customer experience. When a customer feels supported after an extraordinary experience, it becomes easier for businesses to make a sale. In addition, there are a number of benefits listed below that insurance businesses can reap from the contact center.

Benefits of Contact Center in the Insurance Industry

Contact centers are the fundamentals of how well agents can execute service-based, price-sensitive strategies to generate leads, increase sales, and boost customer retention. This is why insurance businesses need to look for ways to enhance the contact center experience. Undoubtedly, the traditional processes in call centers are more redundant and dependent on other functions, which may lead to infinite delays. Fortunately, modern contact center software enables such businesses to overcome these challenges efficiently. Also, it offers several remarkable benefits. These benefits include:

1. Boost agents’ efficiency

The usage of contact center software makes the call flow more stable and enables agents to remain focused. The auto-dialing feature of call center software automatically dials phone numbers from a predefined list of customer contacts. This automated call system not just reduces the idle time of your call center agents, but also increases the number of calls per agent. As a result, the talk time of the call center agent is maximized, which enhances the overall productivity, performance, and efficiency of call center agents.

2. Lower overall costs

Instead of employing many agents to handle large volumes of customer calls or visit customers in person to market plans and policies, the insurance companies can reduce their overall operational cost by getting a call center solution. With the help of such software, the call connect rate is significantly increased and the number of unanswered calls during a hectic day is decreased. Therefore, it can be said that contact center software is one of the most cost-effective solutions for businesses having a call center management department.

3. Improve customer service and experience

Hubspot research suggests that 93% of customers are likely to do repeat business with companies that offer excellent customer service. When they make a purchase, they don’t prefer spending time writing emails or visiting the office in case they face any issue. They expect a quick contact, response, and resolution, and contact center software aims to do just that.

With the help of such software, it becomes much easier for agents to connect with customers, and vice-versa. Such quick responses make customers feel happy with the contact center experience, which increases the CSAT (customer satisfaction) score of a business.

4. Provide real-time analytics and reports

When it comes to an insurance company, data is one of the keys to evaluating how the company is performing. Generally, most companies don’t invest in deploying separate analytics and reporting systems and may lose data at some point in time. But with the integration of contact center software, the insurance companies are enabled to see through all the analytics and statistical reports to keep records about call volume per day, per week, traffic from different regions, specific requirements of customers, and much more. Such analytics and reports empower businesses in the insurance industry to get insights, make business-critical decisions, meet customer demands and offer a personalized customer experience.

5. Increase Sales and Conversions

Integration of contact center management software works as one of the great marketing tools as it responds to all sales and customer queries. In case a business isn’t using software and the agents fail to answer the calls, it can lead to losing an opportunity to get a customer and generate leads. Thus, integrating contact center software allows businesses to provide their customers with 24/7 support that can significantly increase sales and conversions.

Some final thoughts

Call center software plays an important role in effective contact center management for an insurance company. Through the integration of such software, an insurance company can significantly boost its agents’ productivity and improve customer service. In addition, it enables businesses to gain valuable insights to provide customers with a more personalized and exceptional customer experience.

If you’re looking to improve customer service for your business, HoduSoft’s HoduCC is ideal to deliver an omnichannel customer experience. It’s one of the most powerful, secure, intelligent, and agile solutions that empower businesses to achieve service excellence. Some of the features of this call center software include Predictive Dialing, Auto Dialing, Multi-level IVR, Call Bridging, Call Recording, and many others. If you want to learn more, visit the HoduSoft website.

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