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5 Effortless and Cool Drippy Outfits for Femboys

To be honest, I’m not really sure what drip means. It sounds like it involves water, but that might be just because my state of mind right now has made me think it does. (I’m totally sleep deprived at the moment, in case you didn’t know.) Regardless, I do know what drippy outfits are, and they can look awesome when worn correctly! What are they?

1) Kimono Tops

You’ve probably noticed that most femboy outfit include at least one oversized item of clothing, like a kimono top. Kimono tops look great when paired with simple bottoms (jeans, short shorts, tights) but you can also wear them over a dress or skirt to create more of an actual outfit. This video will show you how to tie up a kimono in four different ways depending on what type of outfit you’re wearing it with.

2) Hoodies

Hoodies are a staple of femboy fashion, as they’re worn in a lot of drippy outfits. A popular drippy look is wearing a loose t-shirt with a hoodie over it; you can also wear two layered t-shirts to add an extra splash of color! Hoodies work well with more feminine styles too; if you want something that looks great while still feeling comfortable, try going for one with thin sleeves. You can even go all out by throwing on some leggings or shorts underneath your hoodie. There are so many options when it comes to choosing a drippy outfit—so pick what works best for you!

3) Scarves

Scarves have long been a great accessory for women of all walks of life, and nowadays you’ll see them in many different styles. However, it seems that lately both femboy fashion and ouji fashion have latched onto these accessories, creating some incredible new fashions. Whether you’re into twinks, skinnies, or anything else, there are a lot of options out there when it comes to drippy outfits.

4) Leggings

To be honest, you don’t need to spend too much on leggings since they tend to wear out quickly. The only thing is to pick up a pair of dark-colored ones with good elasticity. The problem with some leggings is that they can either be too short or too long which isn’t ideal when wearing them in combination with femboy outfits. For example, if your leggings are too short then it might reveal parts of your underwear while if they are too long then it will look like you have extra fabric around your ankles. A good way to solve these problems is by cutting off a part of your leggings where it seems like it doesn’t fit right anymore.

5) Jackets

Keep an eye out for a nice denim jacket; they’re not just great as ouji fashion but also as everyday wear! Keep your jackets unbuttoned or undone to show off that cool drippy outfit you’ve got on. If you’re looking for a bit of variety, try adding some lace-up boots into your outfits; it adds a cute touch to an otherwise casual look. And, if all else fails, add some sunglasses – what femboy outfit is complete without them?