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5 At-Home Organization Ideas to Inspire Your Workout

It can be difficult to find the motivation to work out consistently. If you like the flexibility of working out from home but struggle with finding the space, this can impede your workout schedule. 

When you’re trying to get into a routine, it can be helpful to find ways to inspire yourself to work out. So, here are five at-home organization ideas to help inspire you to work out. 

1. Multi-Purpose Furniture 

If you don’t have a lot of room in your home for your workout equipment, you should try utilizing multi-purpose furniture. This will help you store your workout equipment in easily accessible places. And you won’t have to always look at your weights collecting dust in the corner.

Trying using multi storage ottomans or coffee tables to keep everything together. This way when you’re done with your workout you can put everything away and know exactly where it is for your next workout. Knowing that your equipment is easy to access is also a way to inspire yourself to get out there and actually work out from home too. 

2. Create a Flexible Space

Many of us have home offices that we use specifically to keep our home life and work-life separated. If you’re lucky to have an extra space in your home, convert it into a flexible home gym. Having a designated space in your home to workout in can motivate you to get going. 

In your flexible set up make sure you have plenty of storage that won’t disrupt the use of the rest of the room. You can utilize shoe racks or bar carts to organize small weights and yoga mats. This way they aren’t taking up space you could be using when you’re working. You can even incorporate easy-to-store furniture into your flexible space. Furniture like saucer chairs are collapsable and can be moved out of the way quickly when it’s time to get your sweat on. When you shut your laptop down at the end of the day, you’re already in your gym. So you can easily get a quick set in before calling it a day. 

3. Aesthetic Storage Options 

To make sure that your workout equipment doesn’t take over your home, you can opt-in for some aesthetic storage options. Using baskets or hanging yoga mat mounts that match your decor can make your spaces multi-functional. 

Another aesthetic option is installing a gym equipment peg board. These boards are easy to manipulate for whatever type of workout gear you use throughout the week. They also look crafty and sophisticated. You can easily create a peg board and save yourself some costs on other storage options. 

4. Designate A Workout Space

There are many spaces in a home that goes unused throughout the day. These spaces are perfect for setting up a designated workout area. You can set up small spaces with exercise equipment in nooks around your home. You can also use large spaces in your home to inspire yourself to exercise. 

Setting up a piece of equipment or a workout station in the corner of your living room can inspire you to work out. Instead of going directly to the couch, you can also be inspired to use the equipment in the corner throughout the week. By using aesthetic and flexible storage options, setting up workout equipment in underutilized spaces doesn’t have to disrupt the design of your home. 

5. Stick to a Calendar 

One of the hardest things about working out from home is getting distracted. So to keep yourself on track it’s a great idea to hang a workout calendar. You can keep the calendar in your designated workout space. Or you can put it somewhere that you will always pass it. The fridge or the entryway of your home are great spots to remind yourself to stay on schedule. 

Having an organized calendar of your workout tasks will help you prep for the week ahead as well. You can also easily squeeze in short workouts on your calendar that won’t impede other plans that come up during the week. Seeing that you only have time for a 15-minute workout shouldn’t deter you, but empower you to get it done. Staying organized will keep you accountable and make it easier to set up a consistent home workout routine. 


Creating an at-home workout routine can be challenging. But with these organization tips and tricks, you’ll be able to get your fitness on no matter what comes up throughout your week. 

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