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4 Ways to Adapt Blog Content to Social Media

4 Ways to Adapt Blog Content to Social Media

Social media is more than just a way to promote blog content. It’s an essential tool for increasing readership and engagement. It is not enough to share your posts on Twitter and Facebook to get attention in many cases. As a brilliant blogger you need to be looking for ways to adapt your blog content to social media to drive more traffic to those platforms. check now

This can be done by adapting and integrating your blog content with the realities of social networking. Although long, high-quality blog posts are valuable, they don’t translate well into a 140-character limit or an image-based platform. Instead, provide elements of your blog posts that readers can share with others, such as infographics or quotes.

This article will discuss why adapting blog content to social networking platforms is essential. We’ll then show you how to do it and four different ways. Let’s get started!

How to adapt blog content for social media

Engagement is the new focus of the internet. It is no longer enough to publish content that people can consume passively. Your audience should be able to share your content on social media.

Social media is an integral part of most people’s online experience. For example, 81% of Americans now have at least one profile on social media (up from 56% five years ago).

Furthermore, 56% of adults who spend their time online regularly use multiple social media platforms. It is, therefore, crucial to optimize blog content for social media.

While you could share your posts on social media, it’s not the best way to get great results. Social media is not the same as blogging. Social media platforms are more focused on conciseness than blogging. There’s also so much activity (roughly 6,000 tweets per second on Twitter) that your content has to be ‘wow’ to make it stand out.

To attract attention to your blog via social media, you will need to create optimized content. It should be easy to share, easily shareable, engaging, and concise. This will allow you to encourage your existing audience to share and also draw in new customers.

There are four ways to adapt blog content for social media

Suppose you have a blog and have not done enough to optimize it for social media. Maybe you tried but weren’t very successful. You’ll be glad to know there are tried-and-true ways to adapt your blog content to social media to get better results.

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1. Shareable elements can be added to blog posts

It is easy to adapt blog content for social media by adding sharing buttons to your posts (such as those on this blog, left-hand side). Not all readers will want to share a whole post with their networks. Social media users value conciseness, as we have discussed.

You can offer smaller content pieces optimized for social media sharing to serve your readers better. You can even do this with existing content. This eliminates the need for you to create new pieces. It’s enough to highlight short, powerful quotes from your blog posts and tell your readers they are meant to be shared.

This strategy is great for Twitter, but it can be used on many other platforms. It’s easy to share short quotes on Twitter. People will click through to read your entire content if you have exciting quotes.

Neil Patel’s blog is an excellent example of this. This strategy has produced excellent results, with one article containing 50 short, “tweetable” quotes and receiving 17,452 Twitter visits – all from one post.

WordPress users have an easy way to add this functionality.

After activating the plugin, you can create a new post or go to an existing blog post. Locate the area in your post where you want to add a quote. Next, enter the shortcode provided by the plugin. You can use any section from your seat to draw attention and encourage people to read more. Could you keep it to 140 characters? These tweets can make a big difference in the traffic you get.

2. Make infographics to communicate important information

Let’s get beyond textual content. It turns out that images are more effective than text on social media platforms. This is especially true if you encourage people to share your content. Images on Twitter get 18% more clicks than posts without pictures, while posts on LinkedIn with photos get 200% more engagement.

These images must be interesting to make them as effective as possible. Infographics are a great way to present helpful information engaging and easy-to-understand format. Because infographics can be shared on social media at three times the rate as other content, they’re ‘liked’ by users and shared three times as often.

An easy way to create an infographic using blog content is to adapt it. This involves turning some of your most valuable or popular posts into images. Choose a post containing lots of data or details or describing a series of steps or processes, and turn it into an infographic. The image can be shared on any social media platform. Focus on infographic-heavy sites like Instagram or Snapchat to get the best results.

The Venngage infographic editor.

You can edit text and images, add or remove text, move elements around, change the background, and many other options. You can create professional-looking results with the editor’s intuitive interface. It takes just a few minutes to get it right. The infographic can be shared directly in the editor or downloaded and posted wherever you like. However, you must sign up for a paid account.

3. Add videos to complement your content

Videos lend themselves to social media better than text. Online video should account for more than 80% of all internet traffic by 2020. Videos also attract more attention than other types of content. They are more popular than blog posts because 55% of viewers consume them in-depth, unlike the majority who skim.

Other content 0.2

Videos can be shared on all social media platforms. You can also include links to your entire content. Facebook is the best site to attract traffic via videos. It was 8.4 times more impactful than any other social media platform.

While you can make entirely original videos, you can also adapt existing content to get a lot of value. You can create short videos that guide viewers through critical points in one of your posts. After all, you’ll have the content for your posts and can encourage viewers to click through to read the full post.

This is an example of what happened when we took one of our ThemeIsle blog posts and made it into a video.

This strategy is easy to implement and doesn’t require special software or editing skills. You only need PowerPoint (or another open-source alternative). These steps will show you how to create slides that guide viewers through crucial elements of your blog posts.

4. Conduct polls and contests using social media

We’ve already discussed using text, images, and video to adapt blog posts to social media. They are great formats for sharing content on social media, but they can also be passive. Social media platforms have the most significant advantage of allowing users to interact with content. It’s worth exploring strategies to encourage this.

Contests and polls are great ways to encourage your readers to take part. They have proven to be very effective. For example, polls can increase your traffic by 20%. 81% of content marketers believe contests are more effective than static content in grabbing attention. Both can be easily integrated into your regular blog content. Readers can be directed to contests or polls through your posts. They can also ask questions about your blog content.

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Contests and polls can be used on many social media platforms as most of our strategies. Twitter is an excellent choice for polls, and Facebook is great for contests. Both platforms make it easy to create interactive content and can be used to post it. On average, contests hosted on Facebook attract 34% of new followers.

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