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4 Practical Car Restoration Tips From Car Collector Expert Gene Bernshtam

When it comes to auto restoration projects, you need to give them time and money. Patience is the key to helping your car get the best restoration it needs with the proper mechanics. If you are an avid car collector, you will find that car restoration projects are exciting and fun. However, amid the excitement, do not make any mistakes, or this will cost you, dear.

Gene Bernshtamhow can you avoid the common mistakes in car restoration projects 

Gene Bernshtam is an avid collector of classic cars and an expert in auto restoration projects. He is a business expert and a specialist in commercial real estate. According to him, car restoration projects are a fulfilling hobby and ensure quality time with your vehicle. However, as mentioned above, sometimes car owners overlook certain things, and these mistakes cause damage to the car. The following are the common mistake that you need to note when working on auto restoration projects- 

  1. Starting without a plan- many car owners start with an auto restoration project but do not plan for it. The result is that the project goes off the rail, so a written plan about the costs and the schedule involved should be determined at the outset. 
  1. Choosing the wrong type of restoration method- there are many car restoration projects, and they come in different levels. Some examples are concourse, street show, driving condition, and show car. Before you embark on a car restoration project, you need to determine the proper type and the duration of the project. You also need to be aware of the necessary parts and their overall cost. 
  1. The engine of the car needs rebuilding- Remember; the classic car was built a long time ago, which means the engine has deteriorated to some extent. In this context, you must note that rebuilding the car’s engine is a costly affair. This must be considered as it affects many other aspects of the auto restoration project, like bodywork and others. 
  1. Being frugal about paint and metalwork, some car restorers attempt to save money by cutting a few corners about bodywork. This is not the right move for saving money. One should note that other mechanical work could be done gradually, little by little. It would help if you were not frugal with paint and metal, as the car’s bodywork should be carried out correctly the first time. If it is done in a sub-standard manner, you again have to re-work the vehicle, incurring more costs. 

From the above, it is evident that car restoration processes need a lot of planning, patience, and a budget that you cannot exceed. According to Gene Bernshtam, it is prudent for you to remember the above tips for successful auto restoration projects for your classic vehicle.  Why take chances when the expert is providing you with tips? Make sure that you implement these tips to get the desired results.

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