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4 Effective Ways to Deal with Employee Time Theft

With easy access to the internet, stealing time is no longer a thing unheard of. Precisely, it is one of the common occurrences in workplaces. Workers stealing work hours through extended breaks, personal hours, or through buddy punching take a toll on the employers’ revenue. If you are wondering how accessibility to smartphones and the internet is one reason. The worst thing is that employees stealing work hours cost a business a huge amount of money each year.

Now is there a way to deal with it? Whether you own a small or medium-sized business, invest in the best time tracking app to overcome the issue of the workforce stealing time. Especially, if you have a handful of hourly workers in the office, tracking the hours helps you get the best out of them. Both salaried and hourly workers mess with the office hours but it applies more to the latter when they receive payment even after rendering fewer hours than actual.

Ways in which employees steal time

You may have surveillance cameras in the office to take a note of property loss. But how can you stop the workers from committing time theft? It is estimated that stealing precious hours is one of the primary causes of over 30% of business failures? Now that is alarming. While it boosts the labour cost considerably, stealing the valuable hours may result in loss of financial resources. But before you know the ways to deal with this menace, here is how it occurs in workplaces.

  • Rigging of time cards

Time card falsification occurs when the workers provide wrong data about the work hours, especially in organizations using clocks for tracking hours or maintaining manual time tracking systems.

  • Long breaks

Employees need breaks but when the lunch hours exceed the usual, it results in abuse of productive hours in the office. Cigarette breaks or lunch breaks extending beyond 20 minutes are a cause of concern for the employees.

  • Making excessive phone calls or using social media

Employees may require making calls at intermittent hours. But time theft occurs when these calls turn consistent. Similarly, individuals who are overactive on social media may also steal the precious hours of a business.

  • Buddy punching

When individuals clock in and out for their colleagues, the losses in businesses may run up to millions. Buddy punching is a fraudulent activity, so employers may lose revenue to workers’ fraud.

There may be several other ways of stealing time during business hours. While it’s tough to keep track of these activities manually, you may fail to check on the business losses.

Effective ways of dealing with time stealing

If you are keen to come out of the losses of your teams stealing time regularly, here are a few effective ways to deal with them.

1. Using automated time clocks

While paper timesheets create an opportunity for employees to steal time and put excuses beyond reason, the tracking software is the answer for it. With software, you can prevent time theft and other fraudulent activities that may result in bad business losses. Be mindful about checking the features and functionalities of the software before buying. With the right app, you can follow the workers in real-time from any location and do away with the errors and discrepancies while tracking time. Know Your Day is one such app that automates the office tasks with its valiant features and functionalities. Check its features and you are in for the best.

2. Procedures and actions

You don’t want to sound coldblooded or turn fanatical only to check on the productive hours of the teams. Such things may emotionally drain your workers. So, all you need is to implement thorough procedures. The Monday project management software is the right thing to get hold of to stay manageable and time-driven about the hours. Also, tell the employees how they may be faced with disciplinary actions when caught stealing the precious work hours.

3. Rev up the employee's morale

You are aware that happy workers give happiness to the customers. So, if your workplace condition is poor, it is more likely to result in unmanaged stress. To engage the workers in productive work, you need to care for them. For instance, start a day off for employees who excel in a week or give the facility of shift-hoursto workers who perform their roles adorably.

4. Time and attendance app

Research indicates that an average employee steals over four hours of work from the employer every day. If those employees do not realize the mistakes, you have to shout out the message about the time and attendance policies. Using Monday software for instance is how you can cope with the project deadlines on the first day of the week.

You need to take appropriate steps to eliminate the problem of employee theft. There are good ways of reprimanding your workers but those are only valid when you need to take preventive action. Instead of facing time theft issues and recouping the losses every time, go for a feature-rich time tracking app to track the hourseffectively.


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