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3 steps to become a Rising Talent on Upwork

Starting out using Upwork isn’t an easy task. It is not just about freelancers just like you (who do not represent rising Talent) however, you will also encounter Rising Talent Top Rated plus Top Rated freelancers.

That is to say you’re in competition with all freelancers available on the market, You need to learn how to get invites on upwork without stress.

However, that isn’t a requirement to stop working on Upwork because of this. I believe there are a few things you can do to significantly increase your chances of becoming an Upwork Rising Talent (and even more than that! ).

Step 1: You should always under-promise and overdeliver

The majority of freelancers who are beginning make the wrong choice when starting to work with clients: they make promises that are too high and don’t deliver in the midst of doing the exact opposite.

There are generally two ways to oversell that you should stay clear of:

  • overpromising deliveryables It’s the case when a customer needs something and you pledge to not just deliver that thing and then something else. For instance, if the client requests a new logo, and you also promise to deliver other verticals , such as banners, web designs or other designs, even though you can’t.
  • Over-promising the results When the client requires specific results and you assure him that you will provide more results. For instance, if the client is hoping to earn approximately $10,000 through Facebook ads, and you say you will earn $50,000.

As you will see, both are to be cleared. By under-promising, it typically means that you’ll over deliver (since you’ll get results or deliverables which were not desired).

As an example, suppose that you think you could earn your client $10,000 through Facebook ads. You could accept his objective is $7,500. So, your final results are only a pleasant surprise for clients (and this could impact your rating like a hammer! ).

Step 2: You should only apply to gigs that you are 100% confident in.

If you’re hoping to become an Rising Talent, it means that you have to earn extremely high scores (ideally just five stars). To achieve this you must focus solely on projects which you are able to complete flawlessly.

That is, when you submit an application for an opportunity through Upwork You must concentrate on jobs which match your expertise and don’t require any kind of learning curve at all.

For instance, if you have a good understanding of SEO and copywriting, but don’t know that isn’t the case with Facebook ads is not your forte, do not apply to Facebook Ads jobs. It’s not just going to make you waste time, but it may be an unflattering review.

I realize that applying only to things you can accomplish may be a more boring (especially when you love to discover new things) however, there’s no way around it.

It is important to be cautious in the beginning of your career in Upwork so you have the best chances of becoming a rising Talent.

Step 3: You have to define your scope in a systematic manner as well as the deadlines and deliverables.

One of the mistakes that a lot of new freelancers make on Upwork is that they fail to determine the scope or outputs of their jobs.

They can apply for any gig that is posted on the platform. They are in agreement with everything the client has to say and do not define what is within the limits of their work.

If you’re not defining the precise extent, timelines and deliverables for your project, it implies that you’ll not just be required to do more than what you’re paid, but the client is likely to be disappointed.

You might think it’s strange – but why would you receive a negative rating when you do more work than the initial agreement?

Consider it as an examination you take at the classroom: you’ll have to answer a certain amount of questions, pre-determined solutions, and even a clock or something. The rules that are pre-determined will determine whether or not you have passed the test.

Now imagine that there aren’t any rules. There is no timer. Etc. There’s no method to determine whether or not you’ve passed the test. The same is true for Upwork gigs.

It is essential to set the “rules” that will define the scope of your job to be able to achieve you a “good grade” (a 5-star review).


Remember that you must be cautious at first. You must ensure you have the first five-star reviews before you will be an Rising Talent.

When the initial phase is finished You can now begin looking for new jobs which require skills you don’t possess.

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