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3 Reasons Why quality Sir Walter turf Is The Best Choice

Lawn jealousy is the most prevalent issue that occurs when you see lawns that look lush and lush, and are made from Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo grass! To beat “lawn envy” the only thing you have you do is purchase Sir Walter DNA certified turf from a reputable lawn solutions provider like Buffalo Turf Australia. In addition, lay Sir Walter Buffalo grass give you a gorgeous lawn, but you’ll be able to benefit from these three reasons that quality Sir Walter turf is the most suitable option for your lawn:

1. Year-Round Enjoyment

The primary reason for laying high-quality lawn is to create an appealing outdoor space to play in and relax. There are numerous advantages to being outdoors and taking in fresh air while giving your mind and your eyes some respite from screens time, and getting sunshine’s Vitamin D. A lot of homeowners opt to purchase Sir Walter DNA certified turf because it’s a robust turf type that is able to thrive under any Australian climate. In reality, Sir Walter Buffalo grass is drought and shade resistant, durable and evergreen, which makes it the ideal grass for enjoying the outdoors throughout the year.

2. Easy to Maintain

Sir Walter DNA certified buffalo grass is the most popular option to use in Melbourne and Australia all over because of its low maintenance demands. Its ability to create particular turf variety has the ability to create deep root systems that require only a little water makes it able to flourish in the summer months and not dry out. If you plant Sir Walter buffalo grass in accordance with the guidelines or let professionals in the process of laying your grass, you’ll build a strong base for a durable gorgeous lawn. The lawn should be cut to 4-6cm according to the need is suggested, and regular irrigation all through the entire year.

3. Increased Property Value

Particularly especially in Melbourne homeowners today are particularly interested in the opportunities for entertainment and lifestyle provided by the properties. Sir Walter DNA certified buffalo grass is favored by landscapers, architects , and homeowners as the ideal lawn to enhance every outdoor spot. 

For front lawns in townhouses and large backyards as well as landscaping areas, Sir Walter buffalo grass is the perfect solution for enhancing your landscape. Buyers and renters of homes are enticed by the bright blue and soft green blades that are found in Sir Walter buffalo lawns and will likely imagine a happy and healthy living in a house with the lush lawn is in place. This will increase values of your home when it comes time to rent or sell your house. The initial investment in lawn maintenance will be repaid in the future.

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