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3 possible reasons why your bounce rate is high

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Appearing among the first results of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is certainly important but it is not enough to be sure that your web page has the desired success: it is necessary that users appreciate the site, visiting it in depth and that they do not stop only at first web page they find.

What is the bounce rate?

To check the level of user interaction with the website, Google Analytics uses a parameter called bounce rate (or bounce rate): this expression means the percentage of visitors who leave (or bounce) a site after having consulted only one . page and without interacting with it. This measure is certainly among the most complex used by Google but also among the most useful: the bounce rate, in fact, allows you to calculate the quality of traffic on the website and, ultimately, if the site itself is interesting for users or no.

There are two different types of bounce rates:

  • One page : Google calculates the bounce rate of a single page of the site. To do this, the ratio between the total number of bounces on a single page in a certain period of time and the total number of views in the same period is measured;
  • Sitewide : The American giant also measures the bounce rate of an entire website. To do this, the ratio between the total number of bounces on all pages of the site and the total number of views on all pages of the site is calculated over a given period of time.

The bounce rate is therefore a fundamental parameter for websites and which Google inevitably takes into account to build the SERP.

High frequency? Here are the possible causes

One aspect needs to be clarified immediately: it is difficult to establish which is an ideal bounce rate and which is not because it often depends on the type of site you have. Normally, however, a high bounce rate is a symptom of some problems , especially when it exceeds 70%. The causes can be numerous, but the three most common are:

  • Technical errors : if the bounce rate is unusually high, it could be due to site malfunctions such as 404 errors or the presence of pages with high loading times that discourage the visitor from continuing beyond their stay on the site;
  • Misleading Meta Description : the description of the site that appears in the SERP should always be done precisely, indicating exactly what the user will find on the site. If this were not the case, the visitor could find himself in front of an unwanted content and, in his eyes, deceptive, so much so as to want to leave the page immediately;
  • Site not optimized for mobile devices : nowadays the majority of users surf online via their smartphone and having a website optimized for mobile devices is therefore a fundamental requirement that Google itself takes into consideration. A user who then, browsing the net via mobile phone, finds himself in front of an illegible site on his device risks not continuing beyond his stay on the web page.

Do you need some help with your bounce rate? Keep in touch

The possible causes of an unusually high bounce rate can therefore be numerous and very complex both to identify and to solve: for this reason, if you are having difficulty with the bounce rate SEO Leader can provide you with the right support. Thanks to the experience gained in this sector and the deep knowledge of the Google algorithm as well as the tools for measuring the performance of the website, it can support you in improving the performance of your online business card. Once the causes that could lead to an increase in the bounce rate have been identified, it will be possible to intervene promptly and effectively to improve the ranking of your website .

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