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3 Best Educational Websites For Students

A good education is one of the most important factors in achieving one’s goals and dreams. As the university ranks higher in the quality education they provide, so do their fees. Therefore, to pursue higher education, some students collect and save money from a very young age. Some students also get scholarships.

A question that has arisen on the Internet is ‘Do we need to spend such hefty amounts of money in pursuing a degree from a good institution?’ 

The answer, my friend, is ‘No’. 

The days when education was limited to classroom and lecture notes are a thing of the past now. As the development and wonders of the internet have opened many doors. Online Classes or MOOCs are not only cheaper but also convenient for every individual. You just need a Phone/PC and a stable Internet connection and BOOM! You can attend class anytime anywhere. Before you ask us, we have prepared a list of our top three websites that provide free education and knowledge to students. 

This is one of the best online educational sites on the internet and the most preferred choice among students too. This website was founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012. It offers high-quality courses from the prestigious and best universities of the world. Edx offers courses from 90 universities, including the global rankers. I mean, ‘Who  would miss the chance of learning from the world’s best universities?’ The next best website you need is book32 as it is useful for keeping a record of all financial transactions in one place. 


As the name suggests, Coursera offers a variety of courses and that too from the best universities across the globe. Talking about the website has an easy-to-use interface to suit every individual’s educational needs. Once you get enrolled in the desired course and complete it, you get a shareable electronic course certificate. The best part about this website is that it offers courses in different ways like recorded video lectures, auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, community discussion forums, and others. Do you usually struggle with login and checkout with social networks? Not anymore, as the EDD login extensions make it a lot easier for the customers. Check it out now. 


Tired of paying a huge amount of fees just to access quality education? Then, you should probably want to visit this website as it offers online coaching free of cost. One of the best parts about this site is that it not only helps you in learning but it has a personalized dashboard to display your progress report. It is a one-stop educational destination as it offers courses for kindergarten to school students. The lessons start from calculus to providing traditional subjects such as Maths, English, Science, Computers, History, and more. Plus, it is available in 36 languages. It has partnered with NASA, the Museum of Modern Art, the California Academy of Sciences, and MIT to provide quality education/experience for students. JoinPD is one such learning platform that also helps in creating presentations. 

Educational websites have made the process of learning more easier and convenient. As the job dynamics now focus mainly on skills, knowledge, and experience rather than degrees, pursuing a digital certification from prestigious universities will make you stand out from the competition. Hope you find this article useful. 

Eleena Wills
Eleena Wills
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