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21 Ways to Upgrade Your Blackout Curtains

You can use Pom poms to make your blackout curtains stand out from the rest. Here are some tips to choose the perfect pom poms to add a finishing touch to your blackout curtains. Other tips to choose the perfect blackout curtains include colors, fabrics, and soundproofing. These curtains are not only attractive, but they will save you energy and money. Master bedrooms are a perfect place for blackout curtains.

Pom poms make blackout curtains stand out

To dress up plain blackout curtains, add colorful pom – a rolled up pom of any color – to the top. DIY accents are another way to dress up your curtains. You can buy colorful ribbons at a craft store or sew your own pom-poms. If you want a more dramatic look, consider roman shades, which come in a flat, cascade, or draped tulip style.

Pom poms look extra fancy on blackout curtains. DriftAway Lily is one of those curtains. With tiny pom-poms in a color that is unique to the fabric, this curtain will make you feel as if you’re on a vacation in the Caribbean! The fabric is made from 100% polyester. Once you’ve bought these blackout curtains, you can sew them together.


One way to upgrade blackout curtains is to upgrade the fabric that makes them. Most curtains are made from heavy-duty polyester or a similar fabric that is dense enough to block out light. However, some semi-transparent drapes can also block out light. In these cases, you should look for a lighter-weight option. Polyester is the typical choice, but other fabrics can provide light blocking qualities. If you’re looking to upgrade the look of your blackout curtains, check out some of the following fabrics.

The blackout panels on Amazon come with ties for hanging them. They are machine-washable, are available in a variety of colors, and are manufactured in a factory that meets Oeko-TEX standards. This means they are ideal for rooms that you frequently use or rent. Additionally, you can opt for custom-made blackout curtains at The Shade Store. These curtains will add an elegant touch to your bedroom and will block out up to 98% of light.


If you’re tired of the same old gray or brown, then consider upgrading your blackout curtains. There are several reasons for this, including fashion and function. You can choose blackout curtains that blend the two. If you have a dark-colored room, blackout curtains can help you sleep more soundly at night. Here are 21 ways to upgrade your blackout curtains colors. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite choices, so you can upgrade your bedroom without breaking the bank.

Blackout curtains come in many different colors and patterns. It’s best to match the curtains to the furniture and walls in the room to create a harmonious look. To add depth to your curtains, choose patterns or textured materials. You can also use two different types of fabric in your room. For example, a light-colored material can be used on the outside and a heavy-weight one on the inside. You can also add a valance to your blackout curtains to create visual interest.


If you’re tired of listening to the noise coming from the neighboring freeway, you should look into soundproofing with blackout curtains. They can help you sleep more peacefully, while also providing temporary relief from loud machinery outside. Besides offering soundproofing for the walls and ceiling, these curtains also act as a layer of thermal insulation, keeping the room warmer in the winter and colder during the summer. Here are some tips for using soundproof curtains.

Heavy curtains and velvet are good choices for soundproofing. Heavy curtains absorb more sound than lighter ones. Curtains should cover the entire wall, creating a seal that absorbs sound waves. The thickness of the drape and its quality will determine how much noise it can absorb. The thicker the curtain, the better. These curtains also cost less than other soundproofing options. And the best part? They’re not that difficult to install, either!

Easy DIY

Besides buying new curtains, you can also do your own blackout curtains. Adding these curtains to your windows is simple. You can make these curtains at home, which will save you a lot of money. Additionally, they will be more customized and will fit better in your room. These curtains will also be more durable and long-lasting. Listed below are easy DIY ways to upgrade blackout curtains. And, don’t worry if you don’t have a sewing machine.

To upgrade your blackout curtains, you can install rod pocket. This type of pocket enables the rod to slide smoothly through the fabric. You can use adhesive or pins to attach them to the fabric. Either way, you’ll have a great-looking set of curtains. You can also install a curtain hook, if you have the space. Alternatively, you can buy a curtain rod that fits the windowsill.