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14 Best Short Haircuts for Men to Rock

Most men keep their hair short, and sadly, they do not know how much they can make the style unique with short haircuts for men. The internet has many styles that will make you book an appointment with your barber to change after a week or two. 

These short haircuts for men are effortless to achieve and maintain, and some are fit for casual and official activities.

  1. High And Tight Men’s Hairstyle

The good news about this style is that it is not choosy with face shapes. It will also go well with both official and casual wear. However, if you are attending an official function, you can wear a neat high and tight haircut and make it messy for a casual look. Add a little product to keep the style intact. 

  1. Classic Crew

You can never go wrong with the classic crew. The style is very simple to achieve and effortless to maintain. This style also goes well with many hair types, and you can choose to style it in different ways. Use a product to add shine to your hair. 

  1. Under Cut

In the list of short haircuts for men, the undercut is a popular style. Most men do not leave their hair short without an additional style. According to MensHaircuts, the undercut suits men with thick hair better. Your barber gives you a cut on the sides and behind and leaves longer hair at the top, and this contrast is visible. 

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  1. Short Pompadour

The style is worn by guys who value a vintage look. The short pompadour attracts attention because it is easily visible. You can wear this style in your official meetings and still attend a friend’s birthday party in the evening. 

  1. Short Curls

Natural curls are very attractive, and curly hair is not hard to style. Keeping your curly hair makes it even easier to maintain it. Because of the wind, you will not worry about styling the hair or the style getting out of hand. 

  1. Caesar Cut

If you have a beard, this style will fit you well. It captures attention and makes your jawline more visible. The Caesar haircut is not selective with hair types and face shapes. 

  1. Side Part Pompadour

This hairstyle grows thicker towards the forehead and gives different looks at different angles. You can add more class to it and a better look with a beard. 

  1. Side Part

If you are looking for short haircuts for men that will make you look put together, a side part is a way to go. Your barber leaves some length that you style with a structured comb-over. You can part it in different ways, depending on your taste.

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  1. Simple Short Cut

Guys of all ages can wear this hairstyle, and it is very basic. The style is easy to achieve and does not require styling. Just a simple comb and you are good to go. 

  1. Slicked Back

You achieve the slicked-back style by just combing your hair backward. It is easy to achieve a hairstyle and most men prefer it. It leaves the man looking more focused and put together. Since there I more volume to the top, you can choose what to do with it. 

  1. Undercut With Design

You don’t have to walk with a clean undercut. You can make your haircut the center of attention by adding a design to the undercut. Get a good design and show your barber a picture of it for him to unrested better.

  1. Super Short High And Tight

The hairstyle is slightly longer at the top with fading sides. It will suit you well if you are balding. Use a product to make your style shiny and more put together. 

  1. Super Slick Wing Back

This hairstyle gives old-school vibes. It is choosy with hair types because you need to have thick hair to get a good super slick wing-back hairstyle. 

  1. Short Sides Textured Top

This has been among the most popular short haircuts for men in recent years, and it is still tending. It is effortless to style and maintains. You can add a little product to make it stay together. It will look classier with a beard and a fade. It is common among young people and students since it is easy to maintain.



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