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12 Digital Marketing Strategies in 2022

1. Content

It’s easy for marketers get caught up in fashions and trends. However, some trends are long-lasting and essential.

This is particularly true of content. Content has been the mainstay of marketing for many years due to the fact that well-produced content lasts and is entertaining.

However, as with all things else, content changes.

People are now extremely cautious about the content they consume and share as well as the platforms they choose to use.

The shift in the behavior of consumers will require businesses to change and adapt to the ways they produce, share, and distribute content.

2. Videos

Videos has been the dominant format over the last few decades and is expected to be the dominant format in 2022.

It is possible that video will become more vital for the marketing tools.

However, the most difficult task for both marketers and business owners is how to make video content so that it stands out.

Fortunately, the process of making videos isn’t as daunting as it was a few years ago. What used to take several weeks and a team of multiple people to create is now done by a single person in a few clicks using tools such as Adobe Spark Video, Vyond, Inshot, Invideo and many more.

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3. Micro-influencers

It’s true that social media is a source of fatigue.

It seems that almost everyone is claiming to be an influencer on social media. This has created an erosion of trust, as people are more wary about endorsements from influencers and other promotions.

But, the downside of influencer marketing does have an upside. It’s opened up a way for companies to tap into influencers who are micro. This is most trending and resulting marketing strategy. So start going with the flow. 

Why Micro influencer?

Contrary to famous people, who usually possess millions of fans, micro-influencers generally have between 1,000 and 100,000 followers. But what micro-influencers lack in followers is compensated by high engagement with the audience.

Since the year 2020 social media has seen engagement rates for micro-influencers rise in the range of 130 percent. This can be attributed to a variety of reasons:

  • People are becoming more aware of the fact that big influencers are isolated from everyday realities. Celebrities are usually detached from the real world. They speak from mansions worth millions of dollars and often complain about world issues. The public is increasingly struggling to relate to the issues.
  • Micro-influencers tend to be more similar to their followers. They are more approachable and less intimidating. They are also more comprehensible.
  • Micro-influencers are innately aware of what they should say, and when to speak, and what to say, and how to present their message.
  • Since their followers are smaller Micro-influencers are more engaged and involved with their fans. They can provide the real connection that people want.
  • Micro-influencers can also be less expensive. They are affordable in their pricing and they are easy to deal with, and the majority can produce content in a short time. This allows small businesses and marketers to send content to the right intended audience at the right time.

Do your due diligence. Your business’s brand identity is closely connected to influencers. So, choose micro-influencers to boost your advertising campaigns but not to expose your company to criticism.

4. Podcasts

Marketers and smart business owners have taken on a new marketing strategy that is audio content.

They weren’t invented, but they have only had a limited audience for quite a while.

Nowadays, podcasts have emerged as an effective channel for marketing for a variety of businesses and marketers.

Podcasts are appealing due to the fact that they don’t usually require specialized production or equipment. If your business already produces video content, you could quickly convert the video content into an audio-only episode. You can also create small snippets of the content for posting via Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and various other social networks.

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5. Voice Search

Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are all gaining market share. The younger generation is embracing voice search. We anticipate other groups of people to follow the same pattern in 2022.

The world’s population has become used to using computers to communicate. They need directions, schedule calls, receive food suggestions and even check the weather.

You can profit from this trend by incorporating the voice search feature to your marketing plan.

You can, for instance, make content in an answer-and-question form (FAQs). Search engines such as Google offer special search operators which aid in indexing these types of content.

Think like your target audience. Translate questions into question form to reflect what users might be thinking of asking. For instance: “Hey Siri, what is the most effective online graphic design software?” (crowdspring, of course!)

6. Native advertising

Native advertising appears similar to content but it’s designed to advertise a brand, product or service. Businesses and marketers with savvy have used native formats for advertising for many years and will see a steady growth in this type of format by 2022.

People are more aware of the internet and realize that advertising is inevitable. They prefer native advertising formats over banner ads and distracting interstitials.

Some people do not enjoy native advertising. Studies show that around 20percent of the population are unable to discern the distinction between organic content and a local advertisement. A few of them might be dissatisfied to find out they’re reading an ad.

However native advertisements are the preferred choice for many.

7. Sponsored Content

Think about sponsored posts if you wish to improve and not disrupt your customers’ online experience.

A post that is sponsored is of high-quality typically exclusive content that is sponsored by a brand. While the brand is able to make its own content, the post is typically produced by a third party and is sponsored through the brands.

A great way to implement this method can be to “promote” your organic article. You can, for instance, select a particular piece of content and make it available to a larger audience through paid content.

The cost of sponsored posts is also low. If the content is well-received organically, targeted ads based on data will more often yield profitable Return on Investment

Finally, as their design and content have to seamlessly be integrated into the platforms, the sponsored post force the marketers and business leaders to become more selective in the creation and selection of posts.

Businesses and entrepreneurs benefit from reducing expenses and gaining more views, and consumers gain from better quality content.

8. Right social media platform

In developing your strategy for your social media It is essential to decide which platforms best fit your company, your target audience, and the messages you want to convey. While it’s tempting to go everywhere, you must select the platforms that your intended audience will prefer.

This can make it easier for you to save time and money.

For instance a Gen Z clothing brand will be more successful when posting videos on platforms geared toward TikTok and Snapchat but not on platforms like LinkedIn.

To identify the most appropriate platform, research and identify your clients and the social media platforms they use. This will assist you in creating an efficient, focused and effective marketing plan.

9. Socially Responsible

The economic boom and fluctuations of the last few years have dramatically changed the way people conduct themselves online and their relationship with brands.

People are more aware and critical of how businesses and brands react to crisis as well as how they treat their employees and customers. In addition, the majority of consumers would rather purchase items and services from ethical and responsible companies.

For example there were self-help and health brands provided free subscriptions for a time and also made online therapy available to those affected economically as well as psychologically due to the pandemic. This created a positive image for these companies and resulted in an explosion of business.

Many successful brands have altered their communication strategies to be in line with this new trend. Fashion brands have stopped focusing on supermodels and instead focused on the real world by bringing in diverse models as well as brand ambassadors.

10. Environment Consideration

People are becoming more worried about the impact of their actions on the planet. Brands are finding innovative methods to address these worries.

For instance, many manufacturers have moved to more sustainable packaging, while publishers have eliminated catalogue printed on paper, and the majority of companies are using digital invoices.

11. Nifty and NFTs

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) were hot in 2021. We anticipate this trend to continue into 2022.

Brands such as those of the NBA or Axie Infinity quickly adopted NFTs and witnessed multi-million dollar sales.

In the past year, big brands like Coca-Cola, Dolce & Gabbana and Charmin came out with NFT-branded collectibles.

In the coming year we’ll see more businesses developing branded tokens through NFTs. This creates a new avenue to build relations with customers by offering special or limited deals (rarity is a major factor for NFTs) and may transform a frequent customer to a fervent fan.

Virtual real estate

While the majority of NFTs are audio or images. There are many creative applications to use this technology. Innovative developments such as that $2.6M purchase of the digital property this year makes our marketing senses feel awe-inspiring. Do investors have a clue that we do not?

You can’t do that if you aren’t paying close attention.

Think about ways to leverage NFTs. They’re not suitable for every business However, there are plenty of innovative ways to play with this kind of technology.

12. Linked…In Marketing

The majority of companies have stayed away from LinkedIn and have instead focused their attention on other social media networks.

In the wake of the shift in the world for work-from-home, the floodgates of remote work opportunities have been opened. LinkedIn is now a must.

The lockdowns have forced businesses to struggle to stay afloat and prosper over the past two years. Despite the uncertain economy firms have found innovative strategies to expand their business.

More professionals are sharing and reading articles on LinkedIn. It’s surprising that brands and marketers have discovered that LinkedIn frequently has larger audience in comparison to Twitter or Facebook networks.

If you’re not exploring LinkedIn to promote your business and you’re not taking advantage of the possibility of a vital channel.


Marketing is constantly evolving. Technology, new trends, social networks, and tactics need constant innovative strategies. Marketers and business owners who adjust to these changes will prosper regardless of 2022’s unrest.

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