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10 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Python Developer

A good developer can make all the difference when it comes to the success of your business. But if you’re looking to hire one, how do you even begin? Here are 10 things you should know before hiring a Python developer (or any developer, really).1) Check whether they are passionate about development

One of the most important qualities you’ll want to check for in your future hire is their passion for development. If they’re in it just for money, they’ll have trouble producing good code. Instead, look for candidates who can talk intelligently about their work and communicate what excites them about web development.

2) Are they available 24/7?

If you’re starting a business, then your website needs to be available 24/7. If you need to hire someone who works during night time hours, then you’ll want to think twice before hiring a python developer. If your company is planning on being around for years and years, then it’s important that your web site can still be maintained even if there are certain hours when no one is available to do so.

3) What programming languages can they code in?

Most Python developers can code in at least one other language, but to make sure your candidate has core skills in another language, ask them about it during an interview. It’s very likely they have experience coding in C++ and Java. Other languages like Ruby and JavaScript may also be possible. Don’t bother asking if they know obscure programming languages like Scheme; it’s a waste of both of your time.

4) Do they use IDEs (Integrated Development Environments)?

If you want to hire python developers, make sure they aren’t still using an IDE. Any good developer worth their salt uses at least PyCharm or Sublime Text, and even better if they use emacs. A lot of people are turned off by IDEs because they feel like learning another language just to program in Python. This is why I prefer PyCharm and Sublime Text over Emacs (although I do love Emacs).

5) How do they collaborate with the rest of the team?

When you hire an in-house development team, you’re hiring an expert developer who can contribute to your company culture, strategy and vision. At A Glancez, we have also put together a list of things every company needs to keep in mind when they are hiring python developers. You should make sure that they have proficiency in these skills before you hire them. Collaboration is critical if you want your project to succeed.

6) Do they always adhere to deadlines?

If you don’t hire them, it’s because they always ask for extensions on their deadlines. If you do hire them, it’s because they always meet their deadlines and are never asked for extensions.

7) Are they familiar with the latest technology trends?

The demand for expertise in emerging technologies is constantly increasing. It’s not uncommon for companies to switch over their existing software to new programming languages, or overhaul their current processes due to improvements in underlying technology. As such, it can be extremely helpful if your developer team has some exposure and experience with new technology. Whether you are looking to hire python developers or an organization that builds blockchain apps, it’s wise to make sure they know what they are doing.

8) Are their past projects impressive?

I’m not saying you should ask for their GitHub profile and dig through their code, but if they seem cagey about sharing details on what they’ve worked on in their past, that could be a red flag. If you have time to check out their work experience, do it!

9) Do they provide an end-to-end development service?

While you shouldn’t hire someone based on their past work, it’s important to look for a strong history of experience. If they haven’t done much with Python yet, that may be okay if their past work shows promise. But you should stay away from anyone who can’t point to evidence of success in their past jobs. Find someone who has successfully led or participated in several projects with Python before trusting them with your business!

10) Which are their strengths and weaknesses?

The first thing you should ask yourself is what they’re strengths and weaknesses are, because that dictates how your project will go. If they can be relied on to work consistently, then it makes sense to assign them more difficult tasks. If they tend to miss deadlines or not pay attention to detail, assigning a junior developer may actually work better for you.

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