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10 Skills to Learn in a Dental Assistant Course

The dental assistants collaborate with the hygienists and dentists during the treatment procedures or medical examinations. They are the ones to perform the administrative tasks and give lessons to the patients on oral hygiene and care.  If you are to enroll in a certified dental assistant program, you must be aware of its career advantages. Along with the classes and the placement services that several schools offer, you need to possess a lot of skills as well for the on-site duties. While the RDA programs offer a fulfilling career option to students, you may grasp several skills during the training and on the job. What remains is a rewarding career spanning over years and some valuable skills that you learn constantly. What are the skills that dental assistants learn in the certified programs? Here is what you need to know.

1.Interacting with others

The art of interacting with others is one of the skills to grasp for the candidates. If you want to collaborate with the dentists and continue working in this field uninterrupted, you need to know how to interact with the doctors and the patients with ease. While patients arriving in clinics often stay in stress and pain, the dentists may want you to brief them about each patient. So, interpersonal skill is important to learn during the certification courses.

2.Computer skills

Based on the tasks an assistant needs to do, they might need to update the office files regularly. Therefore, the assistant needs to have a working knowledge of computers. Besides, they must also have familiarity with the dental software related to administrative, clinical, and imaging functions.

3.Skills of the procedure

The training course for the dental assistants may consist of technical classes where you learn the basics of the procedures, such as cleaning the teeth and the dental instruments, taking X-rays, and the preparation of the filling materials. Performing these basic steps with ease demonstrates that you are in charge of the tasks to perform. You will learn this skill and several others when studying in an academy for dental assistants.

4.Administrative skills

The training courses that an individual enrolls in will provide them with the right tools to learn every aspect of assisting the dentists. Besides, they must also learn how to run the administration of the dentist’s office. Whether it is scheduling new appointments, taking stock of the equipment, or maintaining the records, there is a lot you need to learn to stay flexible during the job.

5.Following the instructions

You need to follow the instructions of the seniors when studying in a school. But are you aware that the dental assistants need to attend to each instruction and follow them? You might feel distracted when handling too many patients in the clinic as several things may require your attention. More importantly, you need to stay alert about the duties you need to perform before the doctor begins the procedures. MDS Dental Assisting Academy is among the best dental assistant schools California and offers certified learning programs along with placement assistance. With a proven track record of 25 years, the academy will offer you an opportunity to embark on a new career path.

6.Learning the coordination of hands and eyes

The dental assistants become the right hand of the dentist in the clinic and watch every movement during the treatment procedure. So, the coordination of the hands and eyes is one skill you need to grasp. For small tasks like removing the sutures, applying anesthetics on the gums, and scraping out excess cement from the fillings, the individuals need to conduct each task with patience, something that every assistant needs to know.

7.Strengthen the personality

The certified courses teach the individuals the significance of attention to detail. When you need to cater to the safety and comfort of the patients and make them feel the ease of pain, you need to be detail-oriented. It will help you figure out the painful condition of the patients, ensure that all tasks are in order in the dentist’s office, sterilize the equipment and materials, and record the patient data.

8.Professional skills

The image of dental assistants may affect the patients’ emotions. Therefore, they need to learn to take their work seriously, report to work on time, have a positive attitude, and know the dress codes.


The duties of the dental assistants require them to handle multiple responsibilities each day. From assisting the patients in the clinic and handling the preparatory procedures before the treatment, the workload for them may be pretty huge. So, the candidates need to learn the skills of multitasking.


What is your take when patients arrive in the clinic with writhing pain in their teeth? A comforting attitude is what you need to offer them. So, learn this skill during the certificate programs. Decisive thinking and resolving the patients’ queries is also a necessary skill to grasp.

If you want to learn these skills from revered instructors of a top dental assisting school, enroll in a comprehensive and focused program that lets you enjoy real success.

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