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How to Combine Tile and parquet Flooring

Combining parquet and tile is a popular idea in modern homes. It creates a seamless and elegant transition between the two types of flooring....


A logo is something that will attract one’s attention the moment it comes in front of them, this helps in attracting the existing and new both kinds. In this era, everything is quirky, where people buy things only after seeing their brand value. To get yourself a creative yet attractive design you’ll be needing a graphic designer.  With everything available online, with abundant resources, you can easily understand the basics of graphic designing. 

Another way of understanding and knowing everything about graphic designing you can always read blogs, blogs are detailed forms of things, to make us understand them better. Blogs are always about current trendy stuff and even how they are evolving from their basic form to their current version. You can never know at what point you’ll be having waves of inspiration, and you might end up making your best design ever. You can also  learn from field experts teaching Graphic Design Courses in Ahmedabad or any place you live. You might also come out of those designing blocks you have been facing for a long time. 

Graphic designing blogs are not only for graphic designers but also for product managers or even interface managers who are not from a creative background. 


Graphic designers are the backbone of the user interface. The graphic designer who is always walking parallel with recent blogs is always updated with the latest typography, layouts, logo styles, and trendy palette. Such elements play a huge role in the branding of products. The user designer should always know the latest trends to know the customer needs and visual aspects of the design. The originality of design is a must, to become a trendsetter you should know every latest trend and customer need. 

Learning everything about graphic design is not going to be enough, these blogs can help you bring back the lost inspiration or the spark you lost along the way. The blogs written by other graphic designers can showcase their work which can help you with the problems you are facing or can even give you the motivation to take up the project you were hesitating to take. Both beginners and Computer Classes in Surat upcoming artists can be benefitted from these blogs. As a product manager if you understand the work of designers it will be easy for you both to communicate and understand each other. It doesn’t matter if you have a creative background or not. And the best part is that as a product manager if you understand things you can understand why and what the designer is saying through their design so you can judge and give your input accordingly. Here are a few blogs that are popular and have everything you need and know. 

  1. Adobe creative magazine 

This is a go-to for every graphic designer, with being available in APP form this is easy to use, for those who are in need of inspiration, and information on current trends. Upskill your skills by trying the challenges or using those pro tips available on the app. 

  1. Canva design school 

Everyone has heard about Canva, canva designing school is known for its free tutorial on designing, they have recently launched a blog to create a creative community. The blog is the treasure of designs be it designing a cover or a 404-page design you’ll find everything here. You can easily contact graphic designers or upcoming artists in one place. 

  1. AIGA Eye on Design 

AIGA Eye on design runs a non-profit organization for artists featuring the latest works of artists and even an analysis of recent works. With myriad categories, AIGA provides everything about graphic designing for the readers. 

  1. High on design 

WIX had started a branch of its own for blogging about designing. These blogs include tutorials, interviews with artists, and even recommendations of books that might help you. Even if you are starting your own personal brand these blogs have everything you need to be successful. 

  1. Creative Bloq 

With the latest news, guides to buying books, and inspiration, Creative Bloq is one of the most popular platforms for creative artists. With direct guidelines from experts about free fonts and logos, you’ll get everything you want on one platform.

  1. Site point

To know how to create your profile or how to grow your online brand, this blog has it all for you. This website even has a subscription model which gives you access to e-books and much latest content. The materials available on the site can help you learn basic scripts like javaScript.

  1. Inspiration Grid

To know about the graphic designing trendsetters this is your go-to website. You can easily find your needed topic in the categories available, be it technology, logo, any skill, or advertisement. You can easily find which font to use and how on the Inspiration grid. 

  1. Women of graphic design 

If you are a woman (you can be men too) and want to support women in the industry or want to know what they are up to you’ll be in the right place when you visit women in graphic design.  Many inspiring stories about the related gender and what they are up to are included in this blog. 

  1. Smashing magazine

These blogs have case studies, helpful tips, and know-how that can help you increase your knowledge of graphics. They even have the time mentioned which can help you understand how much time it’s going to take for you to read. They have conferences, networking, and workshops for you to understand things better. 

  1. Creative overflow

This is a perfect place for those who want to join the community of artists, you’ll find everything latest is tutorials, news, resources, and inspiration to upskill your skills. Even if you are in a slump or have an artistic block these blogs can help you get back the inspiration you were looking for. 

Above are a few most popular websites which can be helpful for you as a graphic designer, product manager, or even someone who is planning to learn about graphic designing. 

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