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10 Modern Ways to Revamp Your Kitchen

Over the past decade, there has been a significant rise in the number of renovations executed to revamp kitchen spaces. People take pride in updating their kitchen accessories and other contemporary spaces which require significant updates or renovation. Be it the US, Canada, or European regions, individuals have always shown considerable interest in updating their living styles, spaces, and accessories. Be it a kitchen, bedroom, or even a bathroom; it needs to furnish and updated with time.

Consumer reports and past trends have significantly highlighted the need for renovations in contemporary designed homes. While thinking about getting a quote or an estimate regarding a kitchen’s revamping, many individuals tend to hesitate about the cost and overhead expenses. However, individuals need to understand that the amount they are spending on updating their home’s accessories will ultimately increase their house’s value and market reputation.

There are numerous ways of revamping kitchen spaces under a certain budget. However, it depends on the user’s strategy and preferences regarding the selection of material and designs. Continue reading to find out about ideas to revamp your kitchen spaces.

  1. Update Cabinet Designs  

Cabinets are among the most vivid features of the kitchen. With time many new designs and layouts of cabinets appear on the market. It’s best to update your kitchen with spacious and appealing cabinets which save on space and do not hinder any other operation. Moreover, if you are planning to add a chimney or an exhaust system, you might have to revamp your kitchen’s existing cabinet and shelving plan completely. It’s recommended to use dark and bold colors for cabinets which give a strikingly pleasant look. 

  1. Introduce a Kitchen Island 

Many architects and designers suggest adding a kitchen island to kitchen spaces during renovation. Having a kitchen island increases the overall functionality of your kitchen space, creating an illusion of a diminished kitchen area. It can also be said that the kitchen island acts as a kitchen extender, enhancing the overall display of the kitchen area. For example, when houses are on sale, many potential buyers look for peculiar features in a house or a space they are renting or buying. It’s suggested to revamp your contemporary kitchen design by adding an appealing and compact kitchen island.

  1. Introduce Shelves in Open Spaces 

It’s best to think out of the box and come up with a design that seems more appealing and saves on space. Adding uncommon shelves on the front wall of the kitchen and near the utilities can certainly increase your existing kitchen’s overall space and functionality. Simple planks of wood smoothened from every side can be embedded into the wall either using adhesive solutions or mechanical supports. Such shelves help take most of the weight from countertops that get ugly and overstuffed at times. 

  1. Create a Tile Backsplash 

Having a backsplash is a need, not a design consideration. One can’t stop the splatters and spitting from containers but can certainly keep them from ruining your appealing white kitchen, the subway tile on the rear wall, or the wooden panels. The idea of adding a backsplash behind the stove adds beauty and aesthetics to one’s kitchen and serves the main purpose. Various modern kitchen backsplash has been integrated into contemporary kitchens, creating a better and more modern look. 

  1. Update Your Accessories 

Architectural changes and modifications don’t just back kitchen spaces. It is said that the newer the technology or the product, the greater its efficiency and working. Many electric gadgets and appliances wear out with time, getting prone to electric failures and shocks at times. Its recommended to buy stainless steel items that don’t rust over time and have extended durability. Secondly, stainless steel items are quite easy to clean and maintain, giving ease to the user. Be it the dishwasher or the electric stove, it needs to be updated with time. 

  1. Introduce a Touch of Metallic Objects 

Metal indeed has a strikingly vivid appearance, and it’s recommended to be used in kitchens which are considered the heart of stylish homes and living spaces. A metal sink upon a marble top creates a satisfying royal look, which keeps the user interested in its daily kitchen chores. The human mind functions best when exposed to an appealing and user-friendly environment. Metallic hardware does not rust or deteriorate quickly as they can withstand moisture around its surfaces. Hence, it’s best to update your kitchen space with metallic finishes such as washbasins, dish holders, etc. 

  1. Use Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Materials 

Many people tend to neglect the quality of materials used in cabinets, counters, and tiles because they would rather save money on these boring items to fund their interior design plans to make the kitchen appear stylish and updated. For example, if you’re cooking, the kitchen counters are subjected to an extreme force that leads to wear and tear. To sustain such forces, they must be of durable quality to avoid cracking, chipping, or breaking when put under stress. Focusing on the United Nations Developmental Goals (USDG) of 2020, architects and designers must focus on providing their clients with environmentally friendly materials. 

  1. Add a Mini Bar or an Exquisite Feature 

The kitchen exhibits a vital aspect of your house; hence it is subjected to a fitting décor. With a shaker and several jars of varied ingredients, you can make a design-friendly statement with some tall bar equipment surrounding the kitchen island. You may also utilize pendant lights for date night illumination or neon lights for a party atmosphere. Updating your kitchen using your imaginative ideas can bring out an unexplored architect or a designer in you.

  1. Try Making Your Kitchen Spacious 

When guests or relatives enter your home, the first area they notice is the kitchen. It’s important to have an organized kitchen that has room for almost everything, and it doesn’t seem as if the kitchen is overstressed. If you are running low on space, look for provisions inside the space, using vacant walls and elevations. Look for ideas online about smart shelving systems, and then place your essential items on those. 

  1. Install a New Flooring Design 

If you have invested a fortune in updating your cabinets, kitchen shelves, kitchen island, and other accessories, you shouldn’t hesitate to get a new Vinyl or ceramic tiled flooring. Flooring should resonate with other kitchen accessories to create a vibrant and satisfying environment. You can use your ideas and creative thinking to try various color combinations and textures.

Final Word!

The world is developing, producing ideas almost every day, and we humans are subjected to such changes around us. If you want to increase your property’s value, you need to invest in it smartly. The kitchen is the most important and alluring area of your home. It’s advised to invest a decent fortune in upgrading and revamping your cliché kitchen style and theme.

 It’s best to take consultations from professional architects and engineers who can assist you by developing your idea on animation software such as Sketchup, Auto Cad, and Photoshop. Once you have a crystal clear idea about your modern kitchen, you can start with the renovation by considering your budget and other feasibilities. 



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