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10 Effective Teaching Methods For More Engaging Online Classroom

As we know, the Online classroom brings a range of unknown and unexplored territory, primarily due to its relative newness compared to traditional teaching methods. Online courses have become an innovative way for students and employees to advance their education or professional development. Teaching in an online classroom requires different techniques from the traditional classroom, so teachers must adapt or develop their skills to the online learning environment, to make their materials effective and engage learners.

Teacher facing difficulties 

Even experienced teachers sometimes find it challenging to overcome the hurdles presented by online teaching. Lack of in-person interaction, dwindling student motivation, and technical difficulties are just a few reasons. Then there’s an entirely different set of challenges posed by finding effective instructional strategies for online teaching tools that are impactful in engaging students online. 

So here are the ten effective teaching methods and management techniques for a more engaging online classroom.

  1. Take live online classes more often

Taking live virtual classes will help you keep an eye on the student while teaching. It also helps them analyze their real-time progress in an online classroom. Depending on the response to your classes, you can change the methodology or modify it to suit them on the go. These sessions also allow students to clarify their doubts then and there.

2. Record screens and videos by using different tools

So in the case of online classes, teachers and students Need to create Many videos. For example, students have to make a video presentation as a part of the assignment for conceptual detail, and teachers need to record the live teaching session or create a response video to the queries asked by students.

So for this, there are different tools available that can help to create such videos very easily. These tools enable the teachers or students to capture videos, add captions, add images or comments and trim them. Some of these tools allow the teachers and students to add music if required. These videos can be later uploaded on YouTube or the cloud for sharing purposes.

3. Use virtual whiteboards

Written thoughts can always be put across more effectively than mere spoken words. 

If the lecture is only vocal, there is a possibility of students missing some essential points. Many online tutoring software provides different features to help you teach virtually more efficiently. You can use- images, connectors, and text on these boards. You can use many techniques, like mind mapping, graphical representation, Venn diagrams, flowcharts, etc. 

4. Exercise in healthy group discussions and debates

One of the primary adverse outcomes of online classes is the sense of isolation. Hence, to minimize this as much as possible, conduct group discussions, and make way for healthy debate platforms and other forms of team activities.

This will help them get more involved in what is being taught and accelerate their learning process, and virtually socialize.

5. Experiment with graphical presentations

Presentations have always been one of the most effective ways to implement an idea. So using your words only or entirely depending on the slides won’t work. This way, they have an option of self-learning and can start developing presentation skills from a young age. Your presentation need not always be connected to the subject at hand, and you can also include a few stories and make it more attractive and indulging.

6. Try out flipped classroom method

The classroom method is one of the best online teaching methods. And best class management technique. Here the students review and prepare for the class to come by studying the material prepared beforehand. This is implemented through debates, problem-solving exercises, group discussions, quizzes, etc., under the teacher’s guidance.

7. Set clear expectations for the course

Online learning is new to the students as well. Make it clear to students how their grades in the course will be determined now (participation often makes up a much more significant portion of the stage than in face-to-face classes). Set expectations for response time. For example, make it clear that you will respond to emails within one business day; otherwise, students may expect you to answer an email within a few hours and disengage if you don’t.

8. Make use of templates for different purposes

Many online templates can help teachers prepare class schedules or create a lesson plan and share them with the students. In addition, these templates can help teachers and students prepare presentations that include images, infographics, graphics, diagrams, etc.

9. Incorporate the technique of self-study

The teachers can assign topics to students that they need to study on their own. This helps the students explore the issues in their preferred ways according to their areas of interest. This teaching technique will help each student bring in a different and new perspective while understanding the topic or concept.

10. Virtual Field Trips 

Virtual field trips are a great way to take students to unique places allowing them to learn about history, discover science, visit museums or zoos, see world-class art, etc., from the very comfort of their homes. With the current travel restrictions, it’s a great way to expose students to exciting new places while entertaining and educating them simultaneously: museums, farms, landmarks, etc.


From all of the above points, we know that e-Learning has become an invaluable resource to educators and classroom teachers, harnessing a new model of knowledge sharing wherein students possess the tools to learn at their own pace. This student-focused approach is unique because students now share their educational direction, maximizing teaching resources and time. And it also depends on teachers how they do their class management in an online classroom.

There are many other effective ways to maintain engagement in the classroom. Connect with Classplus and make your work easier. Get your app and manage all the online classroom-related matters with ease. Connect with many students across the country and expand your online coaching business now!

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