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10 Easy Steps for Seamless Bathroom Remodel

Bored of your old and placid bathroom design? Want a refreshing bathroom experience to get your day going? This might be time for a complete bathroom renovation. You no longer have to put up with the worn-out and unpleasant bathroom appearance and feel because bathroom remodelling is not as difficult as it used to be.

If you are postponing the remodelling project mainly because of the extensive resource and planning requirements, leave it to us. We have broken down the bathroom renovation project into ten easy steps to educate you to tackle the task yourself. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Step 1.    Plan Everything in Advance

No matter how trivial of a project you are taking up, proper planning is the key to a seamless process and elegant finish in the end. A bathroom renovation process includes a series of tasks that need to be executed in an orderly fashion to prevent you from drifting offset. A bathroom remodel plan normally includes budget, labour costs, theme and design, material, and fixtures. From selecting the themes and layout design to installing the right fixtures and finishing décor, planning is what keeps the process fluent until the end.

Step 2.    Draw a Layout Design

You can’t just start you’re the remodelling process of the table. Before you commence the project, draw the layout design for your new bathroom. Figure out what you want your new bathroom to look like. What fixtures are you replacing? Are you going with the same layout for the remodel? Do you want a bathtub or a shower enclosure? Where would you install the new fixtures? Make sure you find an answer to these questions before moving on.

Step 3.    Stick to a Single Theme

In an effort to make their bathroom appear more stunning than before, most people overdo the theme. They want to install everything that their old bathroom lacked, hoping to get a new and refined experience as they enter the room. However, the key to making your bathroom aesthetically pleasing at first glance is to make it theme centric. Find out if you want a contemporary theme or prefer to incorporate a Victorian-styled outlook in the room. Once you choose a theme, stick with it through the end.

Step 4.    Make Room for Plumbing Adjustments

If you are going with the same bathroom layout as before, skip to the next step. But if you want to be creative with the fixture layout, plumbing is one of the key things you must focus on. Depending on what layout design you go with, make sure you install the plumbing lines in the right places. This may cost a little extra, but if you have the budget why not incorporate a refreshing look all around?

Step 5.    Signify Walls and Floor

Unlike the era of simple and dull tilework, patterned or wallpapered tilework is trending these days. While it creates a personalized look, you don’t necessarily have to keep the design floating on all walls. Determine what you want the feature wall to be and revamp it with patterned tile. As for the floors, prefer installing larger tiles to replace the small tile blocks, to create a sleek and modern appearance.

Step 6.    Upgrade the Necessary Fixtures

Although it may seem an understatement, renovation doesn’t mean new fixtures. In other terms, if the old bathroom fixtures are not worn out and align with the theme you have selected for your bathroom remodels, you might as well leave them be. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go out shopping for fixtures. Who knows you may find better and forward-looking furnishings than before.

Step 7.    Add Storage Where Possible

Although the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom makes it more eye-catching, functionality is the part that makes your experience hassle-free. That said, storage is something you should never compromise on while renovating a bathroom, and if your previous bathroom lacked the feature, you’d vouch for its importance. If you are renovating the family bathroom, the vanity unit may not provide sufficient storage capacity. So, make sure you look for alternative cabinet designs depending on the space you need.

Step 8.    Get the Appropriate Accessories

After you install all the fixtures and cabinets in the room, it’s time we go shopping for bathroom accessories. Even if you are sticking with the older furniture and fixtures, you must replace the old accessories including bathtub and basin taps, shower units, heating systems, and towel rails. Even though they are not as big as standard bathroom fixtures, the impact they have on the overall look of the bathroom is phenomenal.  

Step 9.    Set the Appliances Straight

Although bathroom lighting plays a major role in making it lively for a bathroom to appear and feel luxurious and comfortable at the same time, it should have the required appliances installed. For instance, every bathroom should either be linked to a central heating system or have high-functioning radiators installed. However, if you are situated in a warmer region, exhausts fans should be preferred.  

Step 10. Be Creative with the Décor

Once everything is installed and refurbished according to the plan, add final touches to the décor. It is time you put your creativity to use and give your best to make your bathroom feel homely. You can install accent lighting, add plants, install larger mirrors, and install low-profile shelves. Nevertheless, don’t add too much décor that makes your bathroom feel overcrowded or congested.

A bathroom renovation requires planning, innovation, creativity, and most importantly, patience. Considering all the nitty-gritty involved in the remodel, the project can feel overwhelming to undertake alone. However, with the right guidance, planning, and know-how, you can revamp your bathroom’s appearance the way you desire.

Final Thoughts

Once all your bathroom renovations are completed, you will need a few finishing touches. It will ensure you don’t have anything undone. Such tasks may include adding plants, pictures, installation around the mirror, etc. After reading this blog, you might have realized how simple and easy a bathroom renovations project can be. By following a systematic approach based on a breakdown of each task, you can tackle all such renovations efficiently. You can still follow the same steps for bathroom makeovers in case you want to DIY the project. 

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