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06 Most Practical Kitchen Design Tips For a Safe Cooking Space

Have you planned your kitchen space? Your kitchen design must be safe in circulation when you have kids around. So, do not miss out on this post!

The kitchen and its safety are crucial factors. But unfortunately, very few people talk about this. When you redesign your kitchen, you will most likely make stupid errors that lead to a mismanaged kitchen space. Every kitchen cabinet, counter, and placement is essential for the safety of your housemates. That is why you should not miss out on this article, as it might help.

Be it installing tall cabinets, deciding the length of base cabinets, or stove placement- all of this needs a professional eye. However, a few kitchen design tips can be handy in avoiding significant kitchen errors in the order. Let’s look at the most practical and experts tips below:

  1. Your microwave shelf should not be disrupting
  2. No full-height cabinet above the sink
  3. Keep ample space between cabinets above the stove
  4. Leave enough circulation space around the corners
  5. Create good space between counter and wall cabinets
  6. Try to fill the area above the cabinets

Your microwave shelf should not be disrupted:

A microwave cabinet is a common phenomenon these days. However, experts say it should not disrupt your kitchen space’s traffic flow or work. That is why the first tip is to place or arrange your microwave shelf cautiously. Moreover, it can be under the counter or work as a part of wall cabinets. One must also note that the wall cabinets doors should not bang with the microwave oven.

No full-height cabinet above the sink:

The sink area is one of the busiest areas in any kitchen. It is a typical error to go for full-height wall cabinets above the sink. You will bang your head a hundred times while doing the dishes, sooner or later. It comes with discomfort and short-sightedness. So, never opt for a full-height cabinet above the sink for the sake of more storage.

Keep ample space between cabinets above the stove:

Let’s talk about your cooking range now. Commonly, no one considers placing the stove correctly with the kitchen cabinet. First of all, keep ample space between cabinets and the stove. Secondly, opting for a chimney above the stove is much better and saying no to cabinets all over. It is the safest call to avoid splatter, heat damage, and discoloration of the cabinet finish. Ideally, cabinets should be 9 inches away from the stove.

Leave enough circulation space around the corners:

Your kitchen design is critical with the little ones around. So, keep a reasonable amount of moving distance around the corners of the counter. Also, be careful when creating a breakfast nook; it must not be that close to the stove or cooking range. Safe circulation is significant for all inmates.

Create good space between counter and wall cabinets:

The distance between the counter and wall cabinets decides the circulation of your kitchen space. A kitchen designer will suggest you create at least 30 inches of space between the wall cabinets and counter—the bigger the distance, the lesser the chances of accidents, splatters, and other general mishaps. For instance, carrying a pot full of stew must be easy to pull off, given the space between the counter and cabinets. You need to be more cautious if you have a triangle of working plus storage space.

Try to fill the space above the cabinets:

Do you realize how awkward that gap looks above your kitchen cabinets? Several blogs and articles indicate that you need to pay attention to that gap. So, either try to fill the space with decorative elements such as indoor plants, etc. Or fill the void with crown molding. 

Let’s conclude:

Some decisions can be costly and stressful if not taken on time. That is why we bring you the list of a handful of kitchen designing tips to create a safe kitchen space for you. For starters, your microwave should not be a disruption. Then pay attention to the height and the distance of wall cabinets to the counter and stove. Leave enough space for circulation and try to fill the awkward gaps above cabinets. Create a stress-free cooking space with these tips!

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