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What are crucial steps for mobile app development process 

The mobile app sector has benefited from technology. Mobile phones started with simple text messages and calls and now have expanded their functions to booking Movie tickets, internet shopping, digital wallets and much more.

According to Statista, mobile app revenue will reach $613 billion by 2025.

This blog lists the 5 processes of app development that will turn your app concepts into living products. 

App development stages (5 Steps Detailed Guide)

Phase 1- Discovery 

The first (and most important) step of mobile app development is the exploration phase, where you describe and visualise the app. This phase combines market and user research, planning, MVP, and prototype.

The discovery phase involves creating a mobile app prototype and examining the app idea and costs. Following steps in discovery phase include:

  • Conceptualization

It’s the initial step where you identify the app idea, analyse financial and technological viability, and gather user needs.

  • Market research

Market analysis targets rivals and users by age, gender, app preferences, etc.

  • Collect information

Collect data on desired features and functions for your mobile app’s audience.

  • App prototyping

In this phase, you can draw a graphic depiction of your mobile app and include user-friendly features.

  • MVP development

The final step. Here, the sample product incorporates core mobile app functionality.

Phase 2- Start app development

Mobile app development can begin after user and market research, app prototyping, and information collection. Before designing a mobile app for your business, determine its technical architecture.

Mobile app development integrates back-end, front-end, and API (API).

  • Back-End Software

This portion contains a database and server-side for the mobile app.

  • Technology Front-End

It’s everything a mobile consumer sees, including app design. Front-end technology is what users see when visiting an app.

  • Interface Application (API)

It interacts between an application and a back-end server (or the database).

Phase 3- App Testing

After app development, you can test it to guarantee it’s error-free. Scripts or tools are used to test apps for flaws.

Mobile app testing ensures functionality, usability, and consistency for a faultless user experience. Mobile app testing is manual and automated.

  • Tests manually

Manual testing is software testing done by testers without an automated tool.

  • Auto-Testing

The QA team automates end-user testing scenarios to measure usability, functionality, and application performance.

Phase 4- Final App Deployment

Here, the client sees the app’s server before the final launch: 

Launch your mobile app with a logo, app title, description, category, screenshots, and more on Google Play or Apple Store. Before launching the app, you require app development services’ approval.

  • App Store

Join the Apple developer programme, prepare the app for submission, build an App Store listing, paste app screenshots, upload the app using Xcode, and request feedback (or reviews).

  • Play Store

Create a developer account, link merchant accounts, design an app, store listing, submit application bundles to Google Play, fix app pricing and distribution, then publish and obtain reviews.

Phase 5- Support and Maintenance

Your mobile app needs regular support and post-launch maintenance. Ensure end-users get ongoing help for any issues that may affect their experience.

Maintain the app by providing timely software updates and end-user support. If you want more app downloads, make sure it fits the end user’s needs.


If you hire dedicated resources from a trusted online and mobile app development company like Mobcoder Technologies, your work will be done. With the right technological partner, you can simply design a mobile app. Once you understand the procedure, everything will go smoothly, and a mobile app development business is icing on the cake. 

So, use a mobile app to grow your business by considering the iOS app development company in UAE. This guide will help you create an app, even if it’s your first.

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