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Top Best data analytics course for 2022

Enhance your skills that are required for becoming a data analyst with the help of the best data analytics courses. The increasing growth of data analysts has resulted in an inundation of data-related courses. This course offers a holistic learning experience that covers the entire analytics pipeline. The data courses must be selected based on the criteria such as organisation and quality of content, student reviews, staff and student discussion, quizzes and assignments, and statistical concepts. These criteria have helped professionals in selecting reliable courses, which are compared and contrasted to bring the recommendation list.

A high-quality data analytic course allows one to learn the main basic concepts which one must thrive, and a data analyst has no formal education. Let us take an insight into some of the top data analytic courses for 2022:

  • Data Analyst Nanodegree course:

This course teaches one the knowledge, skills, and tools which are required for building a career in data analytics. This course includes regular one-on-one mentorship. This course is best for aspirants who have working experience with Python and SQL programming. There is a huge similarity structured for beginner-level courses, which is a perfect pick if you fail to meet the prerequisites for this course. This course has the basics of python course from a data science perspective. In this, practical input is also involved, along with data wrangling and data visualization with python. This course covers some common tools for data analytics like R, Python, and Tableau.

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  • Data analyst with R:

This course consists of data science analytics which is handpicked by industry experts in data science. This course helps the student to manipulate and analyze data with R. Along with learning, there are some popular R packages, such as ggplot2 and tidyverse, which help one in gaining SQL skills for querying the database and joining table. Students will get real exposure to datasets such as Australian population figures etc.

  • Data analytics immersion:

This is an intensive training course which is one of the most expensive data analytics courses, and this course promises one to become an expert in just a short period. This course consists of seven areas as excel foundation, storytelling with data, SQL foundation, Tableau, Business research, Python foundation, and capstone phase. Professionals not only get to build a project but also complete some interviews to avail the best job. There are no prerequisites for taking this course, and this course guides one to avail the dream career.


Every course in the above-mentioned list offers a certificate and this is one of the best ways to prove that you own the skills and are well trained to get a job. Professionals must focus on creating a project which demonstrates their knowledge and aptitude when they lack job experience. This course helps one to showcase the abilities and develop passion regarding the jobs.

Not only this, machine learning PG courses offer a holistic approach to knowledge. This course helps in solidifying the knowledge by analyzing something and even producing reports to find a dashboard. This helps one in building self-confidence.